Darryl Cross, MBA

Chief Performance Officer and Founder

Darryl Cross, Chief Performance Officer and Founder of HighPer Teams, is an internationally renowned advisor, award winning coach, and inspirational speaker on enhancing performance, continuing improvement, and raising the winning percentage of your organization.

His experience does not come from a book—it comes from the field. Darryl has visited thousands of organizations and has spoken to tens of thousands of “rainmakers” from over 100 countries on four continents about competing at the top tier of their respective industries. 

Darryl combines his 30 years of experience, researching proven, scientific methods to offer a unique approach to improving performance. He is a certified business coach with the Association for Talent Development, a certified athletic coach with the International Rugby Board, and one of less than 100 Master Fitness Trainers in the world certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Darryl developed, coached, and trained the largest, full time sales force of lawyers in the world as Vice President of Performance Development & Coaching at LexisNexis. The 1500 lawyers and executives under his instruction generated over $2 billion in annual sales in the legal, corporate, and government sectors in North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Darryl’s also served as the Chief Marketing Officer and member of the Executive Committee of an international law firm where he was awarded the most prestigious national award in legal marketing, the Marketing Partner Forum’s Excellence in Marketing Award, for “Creating a Sales Culture at a Law Firm.” Darryl is currently on the international Board of Directors of the Legal Marketing Association.

He is a past board member for the Association of Talent Development’s AG Forum, a collection of the top 50 training executives from companies such as Facebook, Intel, Delta Airlines, Hilton International, IBM, and Accenture.

Darryl’s “no time for BS” approach is illustrated by a few basic principles:

  1. The difference between good and great is flawless execution and ongoing endurance.
  2. Training should model real life conditions and situations, not an ideal version of them.
  3. Every program and activity should have a high D.I. Factor: a measure of discipline and intensity.
  4. Success should be measurable, tangible, and easy to see.

Darryl is an internationally known expert on the art, science and grit of high performance and helps turn ideas, aspirations and intentions into tangible results.

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