How We Help

We Increase Profitability by Improving the Performance of Your Teams

With our clients, performance is measured in results: growth, wins, and competitive advantage. A drop in any of these areas are symptoms of a larger problem with how individuals and teams are performing. A team-centric approach is scientifically proven to have lasting effects.

Our philosophy is that the TEAM as a system is the client, not any one member of it. You can’t only coach individuals if teams are required to get things done.

Many of our clients also have specific needs that are event oriented, time sensitive, or client directed. Whether you recently went through a merger, have an enormous opportunity to win a client, or need someone to fire up your professionals at your next retreat, our approach is the same: leverage our experience and philosophy to make YOU look good.

Our advisors and faculty include a NASA astronaut, a former admiral and fighter pilot, Navy SEAL, a Super Bowl winning NFL athlete, a former Commandant of the Marine Corps, and a metropolitan police chief. We know how to make your teams better.

The BIG Talk

Darryl has performed hundreds of keynote speeches, facilitated panels and moderated high profile events. Once the event is over, you need your attendees to go out and take action. Our practical sessions give your performers takeaways they can use the very next day. Darryl also will serve as an event master of ceremonies, so you can concentrate on spending time with your people instead of spending time looking at your notes. To learn more, visit our Keynotes page.

Live and Virtual Business Simulations

What would you do to prepare your individual performers and your team if the consequences for failure were really, really high?

Your performers should not be going into situations unprepared. When the stakes are high, you cannot afford to learn on the job. You would not want a pilot, firefighter, or astronaut to do so. Neither should your team.

We help your organization design and run realistic simulations and war games that put your performers in the most difficult situations you can imagine. We construct the simulation, conduct the mission briefing, observe and film them, and then conduct a debriefing on how they performed (and how they could do better). Then, we make them do it over and over again until you feel comfortable that doing for real will actually be easier.

We use video role play tools, powered by Rehearsal VRP software, and your own conference rooms and offsite locations to create an immersive environment that WILL improve their performance when the results really count.

TEAM 180 Coaching

Your top performers will perform to the best of their ability with the help of a great team. However, mergers, new members, and new client demands can make teams spin their wheels. Our Team180 approach gets teams moving faster in the right direction with 3-6 months of hard work.

Initial Team Diagnostic Assessment and Debriefing

Using the same tools given to over 20,000 teams worldwide, we measure, track, and address the 14 Team Performance Indicators most predictive of high performance. Then, we conduct the assessment again to show improvement of the team over time.

Monthly Team Coaching Sessions

Teams are a system, so we coach it as a system. We embed ourselves in regularly scheduled meetings to minimize downtime and coach the team as it conducts real work. We also design and conduct client simulations to test the team’s ability to handle new challenges together.

Bimonthly Team Leader Coaching Sessions

The leader must be able to lead, coach, and manage the team, and each individual, to produce results. We serve as a confidential resource to help team leaders develop their own skills and abilities to continue the momentum for years to come.


Coach & Team Leader Development

We cannot coach ALL of your performers for you. We lack the authority, knowledge and day-to-day contact to do so. However, we will work with your managers, department chairs, and leaders to move from merely inspecting and auditing activity to improving performance of the entire team.

Coaching is the art and science of helping others repetitively get better at what they do every day. If your talented performers aren’t improving, you most likely have a coaching problem. We have trained hundreds of executives, managers, and team leaders on how to become an exceptional coach. Our proprietary coaching method, OCTANE, was developed with the help of some of the world’s top performers and organizations. It will work for your organization, too.

Elite Sales Professional Coaching

Ask the world’s leading teams, and they will tell you that the more elite the performer, the MORE they need access to exceptional coaching, the best technology, and a network of collaborative peers to keep them on top of their game. They already know how to do their job, so more training isn’t what they need. They need a continuous challenge.

Our RAINMAKERFIT program only coaches a small team of your organizations top leaders and rainmakers. We help them continue to grow while balancing their business, body, and soul to counteract the stress and pressure their position entails. Pick your top 10-15 leaders and top producers. We will make them even better.

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