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Using Teams to Optimize Individual Performance and Results

With our clients, performance is measured in results: growth, wins, and competitive advantage. A drop in any of these areas are symptoms of a larger problem with how individuals and teams are performing. A team-centric approach is scientifically proven to have lasting effects.

Our philosophy is that the TEAM as a system is the client, not any one member of it. You can’t only coach individuals if teams are required to get things done.

Many of our clients also have specific needs that are event oriented, time sensitive, or client directed. Whether you recently went through a merger, have an enormous opportunity to win a client, or need someone to fire up your professionals at your next retreat, our approach is the same: leverage our experience and philosophy to make YOU look good.



Darryl has performed hundreds of keynote speeches, facilitated panels and moderated high profile events. Once the event is over, you need your attendees to go out and take action. Our practical sessions give your performers takeaways they can use the very next day. Darryl also will serve as an event master of ceremonies, so you can concentrate on spending time with your people instead of spending time looking at your notes. To learn more, visit our Keynotes page.

Team Dynamics and Coaching

Having the best people will not help you win tomorrow. Having the best teams will. Yes, each person is a precious asset. However, they are being overtaken by clones, competitors, and computers. We are in a time when what an individual knows and can do alone is the limiting factor of their potential. They need help. They need teams, and your organization does, too.

However, research shows only 12% of teams are functioning the way they should.  Sometimes this is a clash of cultures from a merger, personalities or rapid business growth. Whatever the cause, it could cost you millions of dollars over the years.Teams are your most valuable and unique asset. Adding more people increases potential. Proper team dynamics unleashes it.

Coaching for Rainmakers in Transition

The critical times in a rainmaker’s career are when they are in a state of transition. They may have excelled before, but they are moving into a new role or position of influence that will challenge their continued success.

Transitions such as these are not handled by attending a training class. Typical professional development addresses technical skills, but it doesn’t directly improve performance. Learning on the job is a risky proposition with so much at stake. High performers in transition have 3-6 months to unleash their potential or become mired in a performance rut. They need a coach.

Coach Development Workshops

We cannot coach ALL of your performers for you. We lack the authority, knowledge and day-to-day contact to do so. However, we will work with your managers, department chairs and business development professionals leads) to move from merely inspecting and auditing activity to improving performance of the entire team. Coaching is the art and science of helping others repetitively get better at what they do every day. If your talented performers aren’t improving, you most likely have a coaching problem. Do something about it.

Dynamic Simulations and Wargames

Your performers should not be going into situations unprepared. When the stakes are high, you cannot afford to learn on the job. You would not want a pilot, firefighter, or astronaut to do so. We don’t think your team should either.

We help your organization design and run realistic simulations and war games that put your performers in the most difficult situations you can imagine. We make them do it over and over again until you feel comfortable that doing for real will actually be easier.

HighPer Business Performance Analysis

You have made investments in people, software and training. Even after all of this, you may not be getting the results you want. Perhaps it’s time for a second look. We use a multistage, results-oriented process to analyze the goals of the business, evaluate current performance and then conduct an extensive review of all of the factors that are causing performance and result gaps in the organization.

Business Development Training Workshops

You have been through sales training sessions, but are your performers actually getting better? Are they able to generate new, profitable business faster than your competitors, or are they constantly playing catch up? We use managed competition, dynamic simulations, and real world applications to push your performers to the next level. Then, we teach your managers how to continue the training after the session is over.

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