This is a final follow up on the Herndon Monument challenge for the plebes at the US Naval Academy. Here is a 2 minute time lapse of the over 2 hour ordeal. Lots of lessons on teams here.

1. Team work and trust begins before the challenge. These plebes have been through a great deal together over the past 11 months, and they work better because of it.

2. Some things you can never truly rehearse or prepare for. You apply fundamentals and innovate to figure it out.

3. When things go badly, the answer is not to turn to a few experts who think they know better (see all the comments in the live feed of so called expert spectators saying what “they would have done differently”). Work as a team.

4. There is a role for everyone, and each role is equally important. You may be a big, heavy strong person at the base, but that would make you terrible to climb to the top. Each is needed.

5. The mission was to switch the cap, not stack them (hence the false victory halfway through the challenge). What is your true mission? Beating the system and counting points or truly accomplishing something?