Performers need training, coaching and leadership to succeed, and they need teams. Weaken any one part of that equation, and you get unacceptable results. That is why the elite in any domain don’t go it alone. They get better as a member of a TEAM.

Preparing, planning, competing and performing as teams is the process that maximizes individual performance. So, why do some people insist on going it alone when research and practical experience shows you will never reach your potential that way?

We are honored to have NASA’s Chief Astronaut and former Navy SEAL, Captain Chris Cassidy, as our guest to talk about this topic on the HighPer 15 webcast. After 15 minutes of discussion, we opened the phone lines to allow attendees to ask live questions to Capt. Cassidy on how developing individuals requires a team approach. It doesn’t work any other way.

Listen to this fantastic live interview between Darryl Cross and Chris Cassidy. In just 15 minutes, you will have specific steps to unleash the potential of your top performers and rainmakers. This webcast was originally held on January 27, 2017. Please sign up for on the form on this page to be added to the invite list for future webcasts!