In an organization strictly focused on the cult of the individual, we are all in it for ourselves. We get all the rewards, all the glory, all the bonuses, and all the benefits of being successful. We also get all the pressure, all the risk, and all the stress. Failure is not an option, and that is a big problem.

There is a need for personal accountability. There is value in individual metrics. However, there is no need for us each to fail on our own and fear being shown the door. It makes us always either swing for the fences or take the easy way out. There is no stable middle ground, and that leads to an imbalance of business, body, and soul. It destroys us.

Teams can experiment and learn from failure together. This develops grit and perseverance for all members, and there is safety in numbers. More importantly, it builds trust when we strive together, learn from our mistakes, and come up with a better way next time. You want failure to describe an unsuccessful attempt, not an unsuccessful person.

If your employees hunker down alone in their offices when your organization raises expectations, change from a cult of the individual to a culture of collaboration.


Part of of winning in business is about learn how to overcome your immediate or default reactions to set backs, while also taking an open approach to problem solving, sharing key learnings with the team around you.