Owning and learning from failure as a team

In an organization strictly focused on the cult of the individual, we are all in it for ourselves. We get all the rewards, all the glory, all the bonuses, and all the benefits of being successful. We also get all the pressure, all the risk, and all the stress. Failure is…

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Ask Google if you want to know what makes teams work

I don’t mean type it into their browser (that will get you over 77 million results). I mean ask them about the research they did on how teams can be made more effective. As a Certified Team Performance Coach, I am passionate about finding out what makes great teams tick.…

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What a concept: bonuses based on value, not hours

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Summer 2018 law firm salary wars have taken my breath away. Buyers of legal services use coalitions and think tanks to address the escalating cost (yet similar or lesser value) of legal services. However, rather than take a BIG HINT, some law…

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