team dynamics

A Team Always in Perfect Agreement is Perfectly Useless

I spend most of my time helping leaders build high performing teams, and the process of doing some discovery with a new inquiry sometimes leads to interesting revelations. Some of my prospects frankly see no need for our assistance because their teams “are working very well”. This is by far…

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Owning and learning from failure as a team

In an organization strictly focused on the cult of the individual, we are all in it for ourselves. We get all the rewards, all the glory, all the bonuses, and all the benefits of being successful. We also get all the pressure, all the risk, and all the stress. Failure is…

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Encouraging change requires managing friction

Progress is slow and change is hard. We hear this about people, institutions, places, attitudes, and cultures. However, when it is forced upon us, change happens rapidly, and it is hard to remember the old way of doing things. For example, some people get a very abrupt wake up call…

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