Flight Deck Teams

It has been called the most dangerous four and a half acres on Earth: the flight deck of a U.S. Navy nuclear aircraft carrier. In a single day, over 200 planes can be launched and landed and prepared again for the next mission. There are turning jet engines, helicopter blades…

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NASA’s Chief Astronaut Talks Teams

Performers need training, coaching and leadership to succeed, and they need teams. Weaken any one part of that equation, and you get unacceptable results. That is why the elite in any domain don’t go it alone. They get better as a member of a TEAM. Preparing, planning, competing and performing…

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Episode 1: The Potato King of Mars

What can Matt Damon stranded on Mars teach us about performance? One of the greatest predictors of high performance is the continuous presence of managed competition. No matter what the field or domain, it is human nature for us to relax and enjoy the spoils of our accomplishments if there…

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