high performance

Teams Satisfy the Need for Speed

Teams create speed, plain and simple. Why? Because they allow us to demonstrate our optimal performance because of others around us who are doing the same. It is this cumulative effect of expertise and effort that simultaneously delivers great results AND improves the future performance of all team members. So,…

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Pilots Use Science. You Should, Too.

Great performers respect the science of their craft. This becomes even more important when you are in a domain with “terminal consequences”. For pilots, astronauts, firefighters and others, you do not get second chances. Therefore, there is no patience for a supposedly talented individual to “wing it” and figure it…

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Episode 2: Terminal Consequences

There are certain professions where when things go wrong, they go REALLY wrong. When you have a bad day as an astronaut, pilot or firefighter, you don’t get do overs. They live in a world of terminal consequences, so they prepare and are coached in very specific ways to make…

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