How can bumblebees fly? How does a 100,000 ton aircraft carrier float? How can some people perform at such a high level? Just because we do not understand why something happens doesn’t mean there isn’t a scientific reason for it. It may be easy to say some things are based on natural ability, genetic gifts, or luck when they escape our ability to achieve them. However, great performers are students of the science of their craft. They perfect it through deliberate practice, video analysis, simulations, research, and experimentation. Once they find the BEST way, they are incessantly trying to fine tune their performance.

In fact, the elite are very resentful when they hear someone say, “You are a natural at this!” They work hard to learn the science of what makes them great. Consider these questions:

  1. Am I attributing the success of others to luck and circumstance?
  2. Am I relying on past success and gut feel for future performance?
  3. Am I truly a student of my craft or am I treating it like a hobby?

Whether or not you believe in science, it believes in you.

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