I live in Virginia, and it is very rare when we get over two feet of snow. This makes kids happy to get a day off from school and some parents happy that they “can’t” get into the office (wink wink, sure you can’t…).

For homeowners, you have another issue: all that infernal white stuff piling up outside. It’s heavy. There is a whole lot of it. It isn’t going to shovel itself. So, you can hire someone to get rid of it for you. You can use some loud machine to blow it into your neighbor’s yard. Or, you can take advantage of one of the greatest total body workouts you could possibly do.


A typical snow shoveling workout has many of the same movements you do in the gym: squatting, hinging at the waist, trunk rotation, arm flexion (curling) and extension, and so on. Don’t some of you pay money to attend sessions like this at the gym? So, don’t miss the chance to challenge yourself by hiring someone else or a machine to do the work. Make it a challenge, performance test and a learning experience!

As mentioned in the video, there are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Do not exercise yourself into exhaustion, injury or a heart attack. Please.
  2. Note where you are sore the next day. Those are your problem areas.
  3. Realize that this is an example of how being fit, flexible and strong has real life implications.

In case you are wondering, snow weighs between 10-30 lbs per cubic foot. How many shovelfuls did you move and how much work does that equal? Do the math. It’s a pretty damn good workout.