We all have an absolute maximum level of performance that we can expect to achieve given our situation, experience, education, genetics and support. However, most people all leave a little bit behind in the proverbial achievement tank. The gap between your current level of performance and your maximum is known as your Functional Reserve (FR). Usually this gap is self imposed and comes from three feelings:

  1. Complacency: “Well, I am doing better than you.”
  2. Reservation: “I am not sure I want to do this right now, so let’s wait and see how others do it.”
  3. Fear: “I am going to look silly, so I will stick with being pretty damn good, thank you very much.”

Tapping into your FR is by far the fastest way to improve your results in any domain because you are already capable of doing so. It is the METHOD of training, coaching and team competition that will allow you to do it.

Think about a time when you decided to run a 5K race. Maybe you’re not a great runner, so your goal was to finish. You even managed to coerce a friend to do it with you in order to share the misery. Towards the end of the race, with the finish line in sight just a few hundred meters away, you were starting to regret your decision. You think you can make it, but you’re pretty sure you will never do this again. Suddenly out of the corner your eye, you see your friend inching past you. She is going to beat you! She will always have that on you. So, that’s not going to happen. You instantly dig deep and become faster than you were when you started the race. You finish slightly ahead of your friend with a time faster than you thought possible.

Did you suddenly just become more aerobically efficient and faster? No, you tapped into your functional reserve. Listen to this edition of the HighPer 7 Podcast to learn how you can apply this concept to business, body and soul.