There are certain professions where when things go wrong, they go REALLY wrong. When you have a bad day as an astronaut, pilot or firefighter, you don’t get do overs. They live in a world of terminal consequences, so they prepare and are coached in very specific ways to make sure that things go right the first time, every time.

Most of us might not face consequences that are terminal, but often we do face ones that are binary. We win or lose deals, cases, clients and opportunities, and there rarely are silver medals awarded. Think about that the next time you are in a taxi on your way to your next big meeting and someone says, “So, what is the name of this person we are meeting again? What do they do?”

That is not how professionals and high performers behave. Perhaps we should look to those with the most to lose from mediocre performance as to the best ways to train, prepare and coach.

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