This is Vern. See Vern do 24 pull ups. See Vern look impressive. See Vern blow out 90 candles on his birthday cake.

Vern is NINETY and can do TWENTY FOUR pull ups? I like Vern, and I would really like to meet him one day. About 90% of the people I know cannot do one pull up, and here he is doing them on a level approaching qualification for the CrossFit Games. One other thing to keep in mind is that he has bad elbows from his youth when he broke both of them. So, what’s his secret? What regimen does he follow? What supplements does he take?

He does a lot of pull ups, and he has been doing them for a very long time. Grit is the secret.

Vern lives in Florida, and he has two different gyms that he visits about three times per week. He is a prime example of grit: putting in the time and deliberate practice to get better at something you think is important. For him, he just loves being active and for some reason doing pull ups! The lesson applies to any activity.

You may be thinking, “I could never even do one pull up!” Vern said that once, too, but it might have been back during the Roosevelt administration. The point is that eventually, you have to get on that bar. If you can’t make it up all the way, you can use support bands, a partner or special machines to help you. Eventually, almost anyone can do it with the right effort and deliberate practice to progressively improve.

Since many of us are not in the professional pull up industry, we need to step back and apply this exact same methodology to anything else in your life. Want to get better at business development and sales? Want to become a better coach and leader? Need to learn that new skill to take you to the next level of your career and life?

Then get on the damn bar. It takes GRIT.