If something is easy, it means that you could do it in your sleep. You do not need to get ready, psyche yourself up, or make sure you don’t stay out too late the night before. It also means that someone much more junior than you, and paid a great deal less, could do it instead. Do not put yourself in that position.

Push everyday do do the hard things. Think of it like as signing up for a 5k race. Even if you do it just for fun, you always want to either beat your time, beat a friend, or beat Father Time by not losing a step. If you never improve, whats the point? Go run outside for free.

The same goes for business performance. Spend no less than 70% of your time doing the hard things to keep improving your ability to keep up or cross the finish slightly ahead of someone who doesn’t.

Read this Inc article to learn more: http://www.bit.ly/2L7CJwH


One way people, especially more junior employees, underestimate themselves is by failing to spend most of their time on things that are really hard for them to do. All employees (not just entry level employees) should strive to have at least 70 percent of their time doing things that are really difficult. These are the tasks that require the most thought, rigor, and attention. And these are the tasks that result in the most growth.