I know a number of people who have great intentions when they start a new fitness program, but they soon fall off the wagon. This is more pronounced during the weeks of February when New Year’s resolutions lose their influence on people.

There are many reasons for quitting: lack of results, lack of time or even lack of energy. However, I think a big part of it is lack of comfort. I am not talking about being sore. It is a lack of comfort in being the “out of shape” person that doesn’t look like they know what they are doing. It is kind of like going to a singles bar, alone, over and over again, and never meeting Mr. or Miss Right because you don’t have a great opening line. After a while, you just give up.

I know it is hard to get motivated to work out on some days. I have found most of this time that if you can get there, change clothes, and spend just 5 minutes exercising, you will complete your workout. If after 5 minutes you still don’t have it in you, leave.

Some people also hire personal trainers to help them through this initial phase, but you still have to walk through that gym door Perhaps there is a better way. A recent Dutch study showed a significant increase in weight loss success from the simple act of a counselor calling people up and encouraging them to continue. Some people might see this as nagging, but I call it coaching.

If you cannot afford such a service, find a friend who is also trying to improve their fitness level to be your counselor. Talk through your frustrations and make a follow up time to talk AFTER your next session. It will be hard to make that call if you have done nothing.