Oh my goodness, there are more "foolproof" diet plans out there than you could shake a tasteless, boring carrot at. All of us are definitely in the wrong business. It seems like anyone with some type of initials or suffix after their name can create a plan, market it and sell a million books. It does not really matter if it actually works. By the time most people find out it might be a false yellow brick road to a six-pack, the next diet comes out on the market.

Avoid any and all diets that have these kind of fanciful statements or marketing techniques:

  • Lose weight and never exercise!
  • Never be hungry!
  • An easy way to lose unwanted flab!
  • An overuse of the words melt, vanish, disappear or effortlessly
  • Before pictures where the before picture is someone not smiling, very pale and in bad lighting
  • After pictures where the person is flexing or standing sideways

This recent article about some of the more popular diet plans of the last year explains some of the options you have. They all have similar themes:

  • Restrict caloric intake
  • Eat healthy foods right off the ground or right off the farm
  • Plan your days and track your progress
  • Make it a permanent change to your eating habits

Your body is a machine that is desperately trying to maintain homeostasis. If you are overweight, it means you consumed more calories than you needed over time. The only way to lose weight is through caloric restriction and increased caloric expenditure. You have to create a caloric deficit in order to make your body burn off the excess weight that affects your health, looks and self-esteem.

Diet plans are just strategies to accomplish what I just mentioned. They are not magic formulas or shortcuts. If you want to lose twenty pounds fast, cut off an arm. If you want to lose twenty pounds for good, make a plan, execute it, track your progress and continuously make adjustments based on the results and changes in your lifestyle.