I would argue that guessing, and erring on the side of easier, is most people’s greatest enemy when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. People underestimate the size of their food portions, how many calories are in them, and how much extra stuff (butter, dressing, etc.) they put on it.  Many people also overestimate their activity level, how many calories they are burning on the elliptical trainer and how many calories they need to eat in a day.

Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is fat and unhealthy.

It is kind of like not having a speedometer in your car and then wondering why you keep getting speeding tickets. You can moan and groan that you “thought” you were going the right speed. Maybe you might even say, “Well, I don’t care what speed I am going as long as I’m comfortable with it.” Do these arguments sound familiar? The inescapable fact is that you eventually have to face the consequences whether that is Judge Harkins at traffic court or Mr. Love Handles and his sidekick, Diabetes.

Don’t guess; ask the right questions.

Check out these calculators that will help you find out exactly what you need to manage your personal health and wellness regimen. You can even add an application to your Google home page to quickly calculate what you need to do. Some things you might learn:

  1. If you know how many calories you can eat, it also lets you know how many you CAN’T eat if you want to lose weight.
  2. You may like that elliptical machine, but it comes at a price: you only burn about half the calories as running in the same amount of time.
  3. What does it take to lose a pound of body fat? The loss of 3500 calories. Burn it, don’t eat it, whatever. Lose the 3500 or keep the pound.
  4. Your genes are influential on how you look and where you store fat. However, except in rare medical cases, everyone can lose their excess body fat. If I put you on a desert island for 45 days with limited food and increased activity to survive, I guarantee that you would lose a tremendous amount of weight.
  5. Number 4 evidently does not apply to that one character on the TV show, Lost.

Some people may say this is too complicated Who said this was going to be easy? Has ANYTHING you have ever achieved in your career been easy? What would your response be to a young associate who did not want to complete a project because it was “too complicated”? Remember that look of disdain on your face when you think about skipping over your own planning and preparation.