Darryl has presented on five continents to executives, partners and business owners from over 100 countries. After presenting at over 700 law firms, corporations, conferences and business retreats, he is uniquely qualified to talk to your performers, teams, and leaders how to have your best year, every year.

His job is to inspire your individuals to unleash their potential by collaborating, challenging, and competition with each other in teams. We share with your people the same methods and techniques used by NASA, Navy SEALS, fighter pilots, police academies, and professional sports to develop their elite performers. We can do the same with yours—with your help.

Our keynotes are not a “state of the industry” discussion. We talk about WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT USING YOUR EXISTING PEOPLE.

Below is just a sample of some of his most popular topics. Contact us immediately to book him for your next retreat, conference or planning meeting!

The 15 People That Will Make or Break Your Year

In this discussion held in London, Darryl talks about how the most successful business developers make their world smaller, not bigger. You only need 5 clients, 5 prospects and 5 investors…

Exponential Wins Create Momentum

Small wins don’t build momentum, but exponential ones do. Watch Darryl explain the importance of meaningful progress that only comes from wins that get bigger and bigger over time. Delivered in London, April 2016.

The 7 Laws of Business Development

We all know the world has changed when it comes to serving clients. However, many performers and teams are still operating in the past. There are 7 new laws of business development, and they were written by the people that matter the most: your clients.

Holding a Whistle Doesn't Make You a Coach

Many people view themselves as a coach simply because of their job title. However, being in charge doesn’t make you a great coach. Coaching is a verb. It is the art and science of helping performers get better at what they do every single day. It is essential to building momentum and generating the exponential wins your organization needs.

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