Name me a musician, athlete, doctor, lawyer or business guru that became an elite performer on their own without training as part of a team.

Before you answer, think carefully. Maybe you were about to say an athlete in a individual performance sport like golf or tennis. But, where would they be without their coaches, managers, caddies, physical therapists or playing partners? Perhaps you were about to say a surgeon, but where would they be without their nurses, fellow surgeons, hospital administrators and orderlies? Could a business rainmaker get to the pinnacle of their career without the help of peers, administrators, marketing, finance and even the security guards guarding the building?

No great performers get to the top by training and developing in isolation. None. There are no exceptions to this rule. Team centric training allows individuals to unleash their full potential. Members of great teams collaborate, challenge each other and develop expertise that allow others to focus on their expertise. 

Some people think working as teams is some fluffy, feel good concept where everyone is a “winner” and share in the spoils equally. But, this thinking is misguided. There will be discrepancies in rewards and recognition. For example, in sports like American football, the quarterback gets the money and the magazine covers. However, without a great left offensive tackle or assistant coach, their career would be short lived. The assistant coach will never be as famous as the quarterback, but they will be a better coach because they are developed as part of the team–and vice versa.

Look to any “best of the best” organization, and you will find team centric training. Individuals come and go. Teams last, and they win.