Are people at your organization, team or firm being coached? If you ask management or the higher ups, they probably will say yes. If you asked those who are waiting for the benefits of coaching, they will probably say no. There are many reasons for this discrepancy. First, proper coaching takes a great of time, and this is time that many in management say they don’t have to give. Second, if you working in organization with great performers with a track record of success, you may not see the need for it. Third, and probably most common, is the fact that organizations confuse coaching with other disciplines such as training, leadership, mentoring, managing, or others. While all of these activities have great benefit, it is coaching that directly improves the performance of the individual working on a team.

So, what is the difference between training, leading, mentoring, managing and coaching?

  • Training is imparting knowledge, teaching skills and modifying behavior.
  • Leadership is setting direction and sharing a vision.
  • Mentoring is sharing experience and perspective from someone who has been there before you.
  • Management is about process and procedures and maximizing the gains for the organization.
  • Coaching is the art, science and grit of repetitively helping an individual get better every day.

In this edition of the HighPer 7 podcast, we will go through each of these disciplines and show that while they all have their place, it is  important not to assume your people are being coached because of a mistake in the vernacular.