You have so many choices. Look at the window. See all those big buildings and people walking around? Many of them are your prospective clients and referral sources. Now all you have to do is find out which ones. Go ahead–choose!

It’s not so easy, is it? That is the problem many of us have when it comes to developing new business, new relationships and new offerings. We confuse the work we are capable of doing with the work we are most likely to get. However, our capability to do great work is not the weak link. It is our capacity to pick the right person that we can help at the right time. In a crowded marketplace, limiting your choices is the best answer to this problem. Make the world smaller. Focus on 15 people at a time; 5 clients, 5 prospects and 5 referral sources (a.k.a., investors).

Listen to this edition of the HighPer 7 podcast to learn how the most successful rainmakers direct extreme attention to a finite universe of possibilities. Better results, less time. Who doesn’t want that?