Small wins are a great way to get started learning a new skill. Whether you are learning how to play piano, swing a golf club or a new activity at your job, you have to start somewhere. Being focused on an end result of mastery can sometimes be too daunting for most people. However, this can go TOO far.

If you learned how to play “Chopsticks” on the piano your first week with the instrument, that is a small win. Congrats! If you continue to play that song for 10 years, you should not expect to become a concert pianist. While that seems like common sense, many people get caught in the fallacy that putting in time and activity will automatically create virtuosity. It does not. In fact, it reinforces your untrained status.

Whether you are learning to sell, practice law, swing a golf club or become a musician, small wins only help for so long. Tune into this episode of the HighPer 15 webcast to learn how to create the EXPONENTIAL wins for continuous improvement in any skill or domain.