Have you ever hired an expert to come speak for an hour or more in front of your most talented people? They are “the best at what they do” and have spent years in your industry. But, after the speech ends, the only person that is an expert is the person who just finished speaking. This is not training. Reinforcing content with no change in behavior or proficiency is a waste of time. At best, it is pontificating, so I would rather see you donate that speaker fee to charity.

Why? It’s because research in adult learning theory has proven this is not only ineffectual, it can also have the opposite effect: decreasing their performance! It is important to use experiential learning if you want adults to absorb, retain and be able to apply knowledge. Need more convincing? Read the works of Dr. David Kolb or Malcolm Knowles. This isn’t the latest trend being pushed by some consultant with a new system to sell. This is research that was proven and supported for over 40 years!

Astronauts, pilots and firefighters don’t train by sitting and listening to PowerPoints. They would be terrible at what they do, and the consequences would be quite severe. Even though you might live to see another day after a bad day at work, you shouldn’t prepare that way either.

Please listen to this 15 minute webcast to learn more about the practical application and scientific research behind effective talent development. You will have specific steps to introduce training methodologies to start immediately improving the performance of your best people.