Hard work and persistence is impressive…until it’s not. Most high performers are no strangers to hard work, commitment and resolve. It is some of the main reasons why they are have achieved their present level of success. However, situations, competitors and expectations chance, and many performers find their tried and tested formula for success no longer works, They get stuck in a rut. And, like someone whose car is stuck in the mud or snow, pushing the accelerator down with more force and insisting on going in the same direction makes things WORSE.

People stuck in a performance rut need to think about new tactics, technologies and approaches. More than likely, their grit is working against them. They need an objective point of view to help them see how they need to reapply the art and science of high performance to find a way out. That point of view comes from OTHER PEOPLE in two forms: a thoughtful mentor and an exceptional coach.

What’s the difference between a mentor and a coach? Why do you need both? That is what guest expert, David Ackert of the Ackert Advisory, and I discussed on this edition of the HighPer 15 webcast originally aired on December 2, 2016. It is just 15 minutes, so take a few minutes before your next meeting to listen.