You may have seen a few posts by me where I mention the importance of discipline and intensity when it comes to repetitive success. Luck will happen on its own, so don’t worry about it or bemoan when you don’t seem to have enough of it. Worry about grit—doing the hard work, over and over again, required to build a successful book of business.

Recently, I was honored to contribute to an article by business development guru Deborah Farone ( that was published on It was a great piece that agrees that coaches, great strategy and plain luck certainly help. However, it does not replace the hard work that is necessary to reach the top of your domain. In my contribution, I mentioned the importance of establishing routines much like an Olympian might do.

Darryl Cross, author of Cultivating Excellence and owner of consulting firm HighPer Teams, says, “Consistently high performers in any domain have two common characteristics: They focus on actual performance versus potential and they don’t try to get better on their own.” Cross believes, “Setting goals, studying concepts and modeling others only increases potential. “

Repetition, training under duress, dynamic simulation and managed competition increases actual performance. What this means is that discipline is not enough without intensity. Intensity is not enough without discipline. You need both. You need grit.

Luck is a nice bonus, but don’t count on it. Read the article here.