If you are a fan of international soccer (or football as it is known everywhere except the U.S.), you must have heard about Sir Alex Ferguson. However, even his biggest fans might not know the story behind his decades of his coaching success.

His success begins with relationships with his performers. When they came to Manchester United after Sir Alex took the helm, it was a winning organization. If players were selected to be there, it was because they were already among the elite. It was Sir Alex’s job to make them even better.

There was yelling, and he even earned the name “Sir Hairdryer” for the enthusiasm of his correctional talks to specific players not playing up to their capacity. He is well known for his rituals, attention to detail and passion for winning. However, he earned the right to be that way due to the relationships he built with performers. It was within themselves to be truly great. Sir Alex need to pull it out of them. Once he did, he realize the simple importance of the words, “Well done.”

How do you manage a bunch of highly talented, high maintenance superstars and continue to win year after year? Read about his style, and then think about how it may apply to your coaching approach at your organization.