I have a simple task for you today, but you are probably not going to like it. There is a conspiracy going on. imageIt is in your cupboard.

There is a bunch of snacks, treats, and goodies that seem very innocent, but they are secretly plotting against you. They want to keep you fat, your energy level low and continue to challenge your self esteem. Too bad you have hands, and they don’t.

Open up your cupboards RIGHT NOW and throw out every single thing that should not be in a healthy person’s house. These are the excuses I expect to hear (and why I am not listening to them):

  1. Yes, food is expensive, but you are successful and can buy more.
  2. Yes, everyone deserves a treat now and then. But, you are purging and starting over. Go replace it with healthier alternatives tomorrow.
  3. Yes, you can do it later, but you won’t. Do it now.
  4. Yes, it seems wasteful, so go write a check for $100 to your local food bank to make yourself feel better.
  5. Yes, this is extreme, but all change starts with a sudden transformation.

Trust me, you will feel better starting tomorrow.