foods_450Here is a quick tip for the week. Try to go an entire day without eating ANYTHING that comes packaged in a box or a bag. I am not talking about the bags you bring stuff home in. If you try to eat foods just as they came out of the ground, off the farm or out of the sea, you might be shocked as to how filling and satisfying "real food" can be.

Remember, 100 years ago this is how everyone ate. Fish, beef, chicken, freshly baked wheat bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, real butter (I know it is hard to find not in a package, but I will cut you some slack on this one) are all on the menu.

I do not think most people want to rely on this approach for all meals for the rest of their lives (it is hard and no fun), but a day of returning to the basics is very enlightening. You learn to more careful with your choices rather than taking the prettiest box off the shelf that promises to be ready in 5 minutes or less.