Man standing over group of people doing pushups, side view

Your primary competitor: your past performance. That is what you are trying to beat.


Here is this week’s workout. Perform every other day in conjunction with, or in place of, your current workout routine. Set the clock for 15 minutes and let it run.

After the warm up, you will do as many rounds as possible of the 5 listed exercises for the prescribed amount of repetitions. You may rest after each round is complete for as long you want. Your goal is to see how many complete rounds you can do in 10 minutes, so rest only when you truly need it.

Your goal for next time is to BEAT that number of rounds!

Warm up (30 seconds each with no rest, 4 minutes total):

Perform these exercises back to back as fast as possible for 10 minutes.

Cool down: overall body stretching and deep breathing for 1 minute.