I do understand the desperate wish of many people trying to lose weight, especially if they have not had much luck in the past. One of the latest crazes is Garcina Cambogia as a weight loss supplement. This yet another so called magic pill endorsed by America’s favorite snake oil salesman, Dr. Oz. It also has a few celebrities that swear by it. Please notice the big clue in the picture above: it requires nothing but swallowing. Sure. Sounds legit.

Folks, it doesn’t work. NONE of these pills, programs and regimens work. The body is a machine. It tries to be efficient at whatever you ask it to do. Taking a pill that supposedly boosts your metabolic rate by 70% is absurd. Our bodies don’t work that way unless you are being chased by a bear. And, that momentary boost to avoid becoming Smokey’s dinner lasts a few seconds. There is no such thing as “replacing fat with muscle”. Much like the old fairy tale about spinning straw into gold, it is, well, a fairy tale. Substances don’t transform.

According to research by Dr. Steven Heymsfield BACK IN 1998, it has no benefit. There are at least a dozen studies that back his research up. The supplement company has none.

The formula is simple: eat better, eat less, move more, move faster. Find a diet and exercise program you will stick with. I don’t care if it’s Paleo or Atkins, CrossFit or P90x or anything else. They all work if you monitor caloric intake/output and there is a caloric deficit at the end of the day.

Do the work. Pay the consequences of past bad choices. Then get back to real life instead of reading fairy tales.


Source: Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Supplement Review – Consumer Reports News

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