There is no letter “I” in team, but there certainly are the letters “M-E”. Sometimes, this is not the fault of the individual. It is the fault of the organization that has allowed the formation of a toxic culture. People cannot work in teams, even if they wish to do so, because it will hinder their careers. That is a damn shame, and it is damn stupid.

The three elephants in the room when it comes to why teams won’t work at an organization are culture, compensation, and trust. All of these elephants represent worshiping the culture of the individual. In a world where individuals cannot keep up with client demands, big data, and the proliferation of artificial intelligence, toxic is the best, literal descriptive word.

What is your team culture really like? Do your team leaders and team members agree on that assessment? Maybe it is time to find out.

You are going to eventually find out anyway…

There are enough rules to worry about at work; we shouldn’t have to sweat the unwritten ones, too. But if left unaddressed, they’ll tank the culture.

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