I have always believed that sports are a great resource for learning more about our attitudes, aspirations, and possible achievements. For the most part, sports are a meritocracy. Winners have a growth mindset. When the game is fair, accomplishment belongs to those who push themselves and their teammates to be the best they can at a given moment. However, this does not mean the finish line remains fixed. It is constantly being moved by competitors and challenges that we may not be even aware of.

Instead of looking over your shoulder, assume they are there. Consistently high performing teams have this mindset. They do not wait for losses to occur before challenging themselves to be better.

This article on STACK was meant for athletes, but it can be applied to anyone. Keep these three rules in mind:

  1. To be better is to become different than before.
  2. Change will require challenge.
  3. Discipline accelerates change.

Maintaining the status quo in an environment where the proverbial water hole of success is shrinking is going to be more effort than progressive change.

What aspects of your life are you clinging to and hoping they get better despite no change? And, if you are overwhelmed with it, are you relying on a team to help you get there?


To enjoy the status quo and atmosphere of average is to marinate in the mundane. When you are striving to be great, your path passes failure, mistakes and losses behind, knowing they are simply landmarks toward progress.