When you deal with PEOPLE, work the results (not the math)

Through discipline, guilt, or a desire for predictability, many of us turn to numbers. However, in sport, business and health, numbers are only part of the story and can be self-defeating or tell us what we want to hear. Work the results, not the math. Washington Post story:

The Science of High Performance

How can bumblebees fly? How does a 100,000 ton aircraft carrier float? How can some people perform at such a high level? Just because we do not understand why something happens doesn’t mean there isn’t a scientific reason for it. It may be easy to say some things are based…

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Pilots Use Science. You Should, Too.

Great performers respect the science of their craft. This becomes even more important when you are in a domain with “terminal consequences”. For pilots, astronauts, firefighters and others, you do not get second chances. Therefore, there is no patience for a supposedly talented individual to “wing it” and figure it…

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