psychological preparation

How tough are you? Let’s find out.

I admit that I have a slight problem. I have always enjoyed a little bit of discomfort to keep me aware that I was still alive and kicking. That means I am ironically more at ease when I am slightly too hot or cold, uncomfortable in my chair or a…

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Secrets at the gym

I ran across an extremely insightful and humorous article about managing your expectations at the gym. The general theme was don’t worry so much about the details. Just do something. I can usually predict how long people are going to stay at their “new” gym and stick with their fitness…

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Thinking about taking a day off?

This vet can’t. I saw this at my gym yesterday at almost the exact moment I was deciding whether or not I was too tired to do some cardio after a heavy weight lifting workout. I did an extra 30 minutes. So can you. Learn more at

Hiding fat doesn’t count

This is a tongue in cheek commentary from the brilliant writers at The Onion on what a great number of people actually do every day: hide their problem areas instead of dealing with them. Today Now!: How To Thrust Your Fat Into A More Appealing Shape I know it’s hard.…

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Best diets

There was a recent story on MSNBC about the Top 10 Diets for those of you trying to lose a few pounds in 2009 (and beyond). There are some great choices in here, but you should keep in mind a few Rainmaker rules about diets: Diets should be simple. If…

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Relax or ride the stress coaster?

There was a detailed study in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine about the differences in how elite and non-elite performers deal with anxiety before competition. Their findings showed that non-elite performers tended to use relaxation techniques while elite performers embraced their anxiety and channeled it into their psychological…

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