Live Webcast: Becoming an Exceptional Team Leader

On August 10, 2018, we are having a very special webcast created for lawyer-managers. We know that lawyers responsible for managing other lawyers have client demands as well, so it is just from 12:00-12:15 Eastern time! At many law firms, team leaders frequently are thrust into their role due to…

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Unleashing the potential of team leaders

Occasionally, there will be this wonderful “aha!” moment when companies realize that investing time, training, and resources on developing higher performing managers has a compounding effect on results. After all, if by improving their skills as a team leader it affects all of those who report to them, the scalability…

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Great team leaders have humility, not hubris

One of the factors that thickens the glass ceiling for women becoming top leaders is that we as human beings mistake hubris as a precursor to leadership ability. Hubris is often disguised as charisma and charm, and it also often equates to an “empty suit” or a snake oil salesman.…

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This is what leadership looks like

In sports, the military, police forces, or any other domain where winning and losing have HUGE consequences, world class leadership is not optional. It is paramount to success. A well trained, talented team will fall to pieces with bad leadership very quickly. In some occupations, that means letters are written…

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The Liquidity Strategy

If you missed our LIVE HighPer 15 broadcast from Jan 26, 2018, please take 15 minutes to watch and share this recording!

HighPer 15 Webcast: Leaders MUST Also Coach

If you are in a position of influence or authority, you must be a coach as well. It may not be your full time job, but it is part of your role as a leader or manager of people. You may think it’s a choice to allocate the time, but…

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