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The McFatty: McD’s salad has more calories than Big Mac

Look, I know we don’t go to places like McDonald’s when we want to have a light meal. However, I think this would be a surprise to most people. If you look at the nutritional information in McDonald’s own web site, you will see that all those ingredients add up…

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It’s OK to crave

Downside of being a fitness coach: every time I see someone I know at a restaurant, they look at my plate and mentally give me a compliance grade. I understand this doesn’t equate to having an investment property in Syria or having a eggplant sized cyst on my forehead in…

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But, it’s just a mini cupcake

Back in 2008, the New York City Board of Health started requiring all food establishments with more than 15 locations to start prominently listing calorie counts on all food items for all the world to see. I am quite sure the next morning, many waiters and cashiers were a bit…

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Drinking: things you may not have thought of

Drinking two beers per hour is the equivalent of eating a McDonald’s cheeseburger per hour. Enjoy. Learn more at

Irish Ingredients and Portions

I just spent an incredible week touring the entire South of Ireland. It involved a great deal of time in the car, a few too many pints and eating out all three meals a day for seven glorious days. Do I feel guilty? No. It was a vacation. Do I…

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Which Diet Plan is Best?

There is no secret formula for weight loss through dieting. It is a combination of eating less, moving more and maintaining a healthy balance of the nutrients you need to perform. Period. Now that we have that out of the way, we can chat. Too many people succumb to analysis…

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