A Team Always in Perfect Agreement is Perfectly Useless

I spend most of my time helping leaders build high performing teams, and the process of doing some discovery with a new inquiry sometimes leads to interesting revelations. Some of my prospects frankly see no need for our assistance because their teams “are working very well”. This is by far…

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Too Much Team Harmony Can Kill Creativity

Want better creativity in your team’s performance? Encourage conflict. I am not suggesting that you hand people broken pool cues and have “tryouts” like we saw in the movie, The Dark Knight. What I am suggesting is that you create a culture that is open to debate, conflict, and alternative points of view.…

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Art and the Fosbury Flop

The Flop is an art form. It may not be a painting in a museum or brilliantly crafted piece of music, but it is art all the same. It is the art of a tall, lanky American high jumper named Dick Fosbury who struggled to find a way over the…

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