Keep a wellness journalSo, let’s say for the sake of argument that you are pretty dedicated to your exercise routine, make an effort to eat healthy and stay as active as possible. Are you keeping track of all of it? You should be.

A wellness journal is an important tool for long lasting health and fitness. It helps you keep track of your progress, identify obstacles or roadblocks and provide a method to plan your next week’s activities in advance. Here are some examples of what a wellness journal can help you with:

  • Do Monday meetings sap your energy for late afternoon workouts? Do you tend to skip them? If so, adapt your routine to exercise on Monday’s as soon as you wake up or make it a regularly scheduled day off from the gym.

  • Are you making significant, upper body strength gains or are you stuck on a plateau? Looking back in your journal may show you are relying too heavily on resistance machines and may need to vary your workout.

  • You have a three day trip to New York this week and will be stuck in all day meetings. You also have to wine and dine your clients each night. You should already be planning for what you will be doing three days in advance as well as three days after your trip to accommodate for it.

Think about it in terms of your career: do you have the option to just “wing it” when it comes to recording your time, thoughts, notes or key action items? Rainmakers don’t do that. If they did, they would not stay rainmakers for very long! So, apply the same rules you have for professional responsibility to wellness responsibility. Keep a journal and use it as a forward thinking, strategic guide.