As you may have noticed, you woefully underestimated the costs and time spent launching CRM software and strategy. It is our natural instinct to get defensive and try to find some anecdote of a new six (or seven) figure client that materialized simply due to the CRM initiative. They are rare and hard to document, so stop looking.

Remember what CRM stands for: Client Relationship Management. There is no one in your firm that thinks any one of those three words are unimportant. They do not need to argued or debated. They are 100% vital to the success of a firm, so stop being defensive on whether or not a tool, strategy, and culture around CRM is worth the cost. It is.

No one asks to see the ROI on office chairs or carpet on the floors of your Class A office space. It is a cost of doing business. In professional services, so is CRM.

However, you need to make your case and manage expectations. This article address that part of the equation.

It is tempting to search for a direct return on investment to justify the costs of CRM. Many firms are searching for their “white whale” where someone, somewhere found a new client that resulted in millions in turnover. This rarely happens, so stop looking for it.