Why and how do world-class leaders and great performers consistently beat their competition?

- They realize they cannot go it alone. -

They use teams and coaches to amplify their results. Many performers who have already surmounted exceptional tests and challenges and have succeeded in business, sports, the military, or the arts well beyond their peers think performance is only up to the individual. Many become frustrated when hours of hard work, years of experience, and expensive educations don’t lead them to the top of their domain. They are already among the best, but they want to be the best.

The elite realize there is only so much they can do on their own to achieve that status. They understand they need coaches, colleagues, and competitors to provide the collaboration and competition that serves as a constant push to keep forward momentum going towards attaining that next level.

In Cultivating Excellence, Darryl Cross uses thirty years of experience to show top performers that the key to continued enhancement of performance and success is an exceptional coach and team that guides the elite performer to see situations and challenges in new ways (art), to perfect their craft to the nth degree (science), and to commit to deliberate practice that eliminates performance gaps (grit) and puts the summit within reach. 

Darryl W. Cross is an internationally known expert on the art, science, and grit of high performance and the chief performance officer and founder of HighPer Teams, a high-performance training company. Darryl has addressed more than 10,000 executives, professionals, and athletes from more than 100 countries about how to continuously maximize performance and results.

William V. Cross enjoyed a career in the US Navy and retired as a two-star rear admiral serving as a fighter pilot and commanding officer of a nuclear aircraft carrier. Bill’s philosophy on success and high performance is based on the principles of hard work, personal responsibility and accountability, constructive competition, innovation and creativity, and compassionate leadership.

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