does not happen by accident or because of a divine gift. It takes art, science, and grit.

If your organization is not doing the best it can do, we will help you kick start it.


Unlimited Possibilities

Performance is measured in results: constant growth, frequent wins and sustainable competitive advantage. Our systematic approach is scientifically proven to have lasting effects.

Keynote Kickstarts

Darryl Cross has performed hundreds of keynote speeches, facilitated panels, and moderated high profile events. Practical sessions give your high performers takeaways they can use the very next day.

HighPer Business Development Analysis

A multistage, results-oriented process to analyze the goals of the business, evaluate current performance, and identify factors that are performance gaps in the organization.

FUEL Business Development Training Workshops

You have been through training sessions, but are your performers actually getting better? We use managed competition, dynamic simulations, and real world applications to push your performers to the next level. Then, we teach your managers how to continue the training after the session is over.

OCTANE HighPer Coach Development Training

Coaching is the art and science of helping others repetitively get better at what they do every day. We will train YOUR people to be exceptional coaches, so you have dozens of them walking the halls and improving performance of others every day.

“Rainmakers in Transition” Coaching

The continued success of high performers (“rainmakers”) joining your organization or moving into a new role is not guaranteed. They have a short window to be set up for success. They need a coach.

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